Embittered Egocentric

Who do I remember?
It can’t be you,
for all I ever knew
was Narcissus, not you.

Beauty, you never claimed,
Indulgence was your game.
You watched yourself
without ever looking after.

I saw you drowning,
wrenched you from the depths.
Fell in, fell out.
Fell down.

I watched you flounder,
never able to offer more than a breath.
I mourned you.
The you I knew.
The you I never knew.

I had to flee,
to run away,
I quickened my pace
until I nearly forgot your face.

Now I’ve found you
and I see you.
And I love you.

You crawled from the river
and found a mirror.
Your reflection is untrue,
my perception paints a different hue.

And still, I love you.

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