There is No I in Nature

We have the coma inducing nerve to call coal clean
and the destructively selfish audacity to name dandelions weeds
We click, clack, tip, tap our way around the world with a screen and a net,
but blank when we face the rape, plunder, and violation we have let.

Our rainbows should shrug their pastel suits and suit up, bows in tow, and rain white hot light;
Our overcast skies should cast hooks over flesh and rake till we resemble mesh.

There are more germs in your body than human bodies on Earth;
You are a host being hosted by the planet we’ve toasted.
Our father gets the credit and calls us indebted.
Our mother is warning us of the warming us
and we ignore and pretend, pretentious and unafraid to offend.

Mother is no liar and even a monk pushed too far has no choice but to light a fire;
She is willing to burn for her children that do not learn.
We shoot up, veins aflood with our mother’s blood.

Being pushed from the nest,
we’ve become a greedy guest.
Our documents were falsified for every land we plied;
Ground cannot belong to those who come along.

All ask how to heal the hollow so that we too may follow;
Fevered and boiling in instinct,
She answers us, “Extinct.”

12 thoughts on “There is No I in Nature

    1. The news has been rolling around my head a lot. None of the news is good and once every voice is finally asking how to fix it, I fear it will be far too late.

      1. Yep. I’ve been following this since 2010 after the 2009 Copenhagen Climate Change Conference. I was so stunned by the findings I made this short educational video around 2 years ago.

        Funny, though, so many were skeptical and thinking it was a conspiracy. There has been so much propaganda put out by the fossil fuel industry, it makes my stomach turn.

        About a year or so ago I was on the White website and couldn’t believe they were talking about promoting “clean coal”. Scientists have been telling us for several years now to not promote fossil fuel, and here we are today not really knowing what our fate is, and like your poem mentioned, primarily due to greed. I guess you are aware about the grim news from NASA regarding Antarctica’s entire flank collapsing toward the southern ocean with at least 15 feet of sea level rise already locked-in worldwide?

        And I laugh when people say humans are the most advanced species on the planet.

        1. It’s fucking terrifying. I cringed when I heard the story about the Antarctic ice sheet. They were talking about the effects in 100 years. We need to talk about the effects now. The way we talk about it has to change. The future, no matter how close, is too far away for most people to take seriously.

          1. Well the White House is paying attention now. It ain’t pretty.

            “WASHINGTON — The accelerating rate of climate change poses a severe risk to national security and acts as a catalyst for global political conflict, a report published Tuesday by a leading government-funded military research organization concluded.”

          2. Yes, finally they have. Still, the US is what, 5% of the globe? Even if we managed to agree to make the changes needed, it would be a drop in the bucket globally. Of course, we can’t agree anyway since climate change is “liberal propaganda”. The number of Americans that believe it is a hoax is up 7% in the past year alone. Almost a quarter of the country doesn’t believe that it is happening at all.

          3. A drop in the bucket is exactly right. My Nana used to say “a stitch in time saves nine”. The U.S. had the power to be leaders in this, but they were padding their fossil fuel pockets from corporate interests.

      2. I should note that my video contains excerpts from Jeremy Rifkin’s lecture regarding what came out of the Copenhagen conference. Since then, the new findings are much worse than they initially thought.

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