A Moment of Stars

I have loved the stars too fondly
to be fearful of the night.
-Sarah Williams

All photographs are courtesy of NASA’s APOTD Archive.
Click on each of the photos to learn more about what you’re seeing.

15 thoughts on “A Moment of Stars

  1. Love these images! Love the dark, love the stars, planets, galaxies, et al. The light-pollution in major cities(?), not so much… unless maybe it’s Las Vegas and I have millions of dollars to waste. 😛

    I wonder upon the stars… are there as many vast spectacles within each of us, since we are all made of “stardust and star-stuff”? 😀

  2. When I was a no doubt about it theist, who rejected creationism and a small universe of the Fundamentalists, would be in awe over the expanse and complexity of the universe, and what I would have said the God behind it. Now that I am questioning if there is a God behind it all, I still find awe and wonder in the expanse of the Cosmos.

  3. Magnificent photos! I often wonder how many intelligent beings on how many other planets might be looking up into their skies, feeling their smallness, marveling at the splendor, and wondering. Very good post! It says a lot, and it’s all good.

  4. Gorgeous. I’m subscribed to NASA on Instagram, and they’re possibly the best feed I follow. They give you something new to be awestruck by every day.

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