Political Heartburn

Feeling the Bern

Flames leap with each beat

up my throat


How can so many




Every step countered


They don’t wave me over in the lot

I’m not of their Lot

They smell the liberal sprinkling of salt

Imagine me burning

Imagine us flailing

What’s left when all that’s left is anger

and entertainment

My chest is one match from explosion



Tired of the same

Begging for change

It shall come

From whom?

For whom?

The future is now

See the light

Feel the creeping cold


nuclear possibility


Who causes Armageddon?

Who brings Heaven?







17 thoughts on “Political Heartburn

  1. In 1989 the Berlin Wall came down. This would have been significant for me at any time, but it was just after I left University: having grown up with “Mutual Assured Destruction” this wonderful Hope and increase of freedom grasped my heart. Bulgaria, which was the other side in the Cold War, is now in the European Union. We are better together, stronger, happier, safer, seeing potential friends not enemies. Remember the Hope.

        1. It’s still early, there’s hope. I wish the media wasn’t acting like he had it all wrapped up. I hate our primary elections. It is an national election, certain states shouldn’t get dibs. What makes it worse is that the first states are some of the least diverse. It’s maddening.

          1. Very true. And, as terrible as he is, I think tRump is actual not as awful as Cruz. It’s a no win situation no matter which Republican gets the nod. Let’s just hope, no matter who it is, he does not get into the White House.

          2. I honestly don’t know which one I think would be worse. Perhaps it would depend on advisers. Both of them scare me, but Cruz seems more dedicated to his positions whereas Trump seems committed to being a circus ringleader.

          3. Trump just wants a POTUS credit on his resume. He’s, IMO, nothing more than a petulant spoiled brat who’s so used to getting his way he throws a tantrum whenever he doesn’t get it. Cruz, if allowed, would be happy to turn the US into the Christian version of ISIS. Like you said, they both scare me.

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