“In a time of destruction, create something.” -Maxine Hong Kingston

Over and over again, I have tinkered with this blog and what it might be. It has been a touchstone in my life since my children were little more than babies. The name has changed, the decor has changed, but so much has remained the same.

Looking through past posts, I recognize themes that still loom large in my life today.

Political turmoil.
The search for self-discovery.
Human rights issues and ongoing inequality.
The stories we tell and listen to.

True, the details have changed. There’s a global pandemic. I’ve moved. There’s another election afoot, breaking norms with every step. My family is evolving, or faltering, depending on your outlook.

But the marches continue as they always have.
Time on clocks. Feet on streets.
It goes on.

I don’t know what this blog will be in this moment. I only know that I feel the tug to create amongst all this destruction. I’ve been writing more, reading more. So, I’m here, whatever that ends up meaning.

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