the tension that will not leave my limbs

It cannot be spoken, only held

in the tension that will not leave my limbs

in the laughter that is not shared

It is the bubble that never pops

the boulder that doesn’t budge

It cannot be released

it festers

and claws

bloodies my gums

scratches my eyes

Moments that can never be seen

Wonders that will never be witnessed

Who am I

that finds joy among sorrow

Bend not break

Sway not fall

Who will you be without me

I am not.
I am. not.

I. am not.

without you

No gore

no twist of blood and guts

Only loss

only silence

only screams

from a void beneath everything

The Universe is a Mother

She is everywhere

She is empty space

She is a crowded room

you cannot hear in the starlit blackness

but the vibrations reach out through spacetime

you cannot hear her

but she cries for you

do you miss her too

joy in this place

in this empty space

You are never alone

You are the Universe

and She is You

and I am You

just Us two

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